Sunday, 30 March 2008

MS 70-292 Cleared on 24 March 2008!

After 7 days of studies, managed to pass MS 2003 Upgrade Exam 70-292 with 813 on 24 March 2008. This exam is tough, consist of 70-290 + 70-291. Used Microsoft Press 290,291 and 292+296 upgrade, a total of 1,800 pages in 5 days with all the labs.

I will not post the exam questions here, as this exam is going to be expired on 31 March 2008. 210 mins with 40 questions. Need 700 to pass. Maximum score is 1000. Took me 90 mins.

This is one of my hardest paper in Microsoft exam. Not in term of the actual Exam, but the amount of time I need to prepare myself for this Exam. Taking 70-290 and 70-291 at one go is insane! I was thinking to complete my study of MS Press 292+296 within 3 days, but later realise that I got difficulties in understanding some chapters in 292+296 upgrade. Fall back to read 290 and 291 chapter by chapter. It took me one week to complete with all the labs. No time to do extra labs and play around with my own labs. My advise to people out there, don't try this upgarde paper unless you are very sure that you understand all details in 290 and 291.

Oh, please stuck with the exam objectives of 292. No Files Share, No Hardware Raid, No IP addressing, No routing questions. So, if you are rushing for time to complete your study for this exam, don't study extra. I believe Microsoft think that all MCSE 2000 should be able to answer to those questions.

Be prepare to know how DNS works in 2003 together with AD. Know your Primary, Secondary and Stub Zone. Forwarder question is also asked. Know backup and system state. I believe I got two questions wrong on system state backup. Both different questions but same answer, Restore System state with Certificate Server. Should you back up Physical Certificate Directory? I answered yes for both questions, and I believe I got it wrong when I saw my marks on this area of test objective. Out of 6 test objectives, I got 3 objectives in full marks. Of course I don't know which is wrong. As per all people that took the exam, you will only answer what you think is the right answer. And you don't know where went wrong. All the best for people that is taking this exam before 31 March. Hope you do well!

Booked Exam 70-294 on 31 March, and shifted it to 4 April. It works! I just buy myself another 4 days after 31 March. Let's see how is my result on 4 April.

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