Sunday, 30 March 2008

Microsoft 2003 Servers, One Forest, Two Domain Tree and 5 Child Domains

Finally, managed to setup One Forest, Two Domain Tree and 5 Child Domains for my 70-296 upgrade Exam. Of course, 296 does not require me to setup this lab. But I think it will be fun to know more rather than reading from the 293 and 294 books.

Hit into some major problems when I starts to join Child Domains. I don't think my procedures is wrong! But two errors message kept appearing, "domains exists" and "hard disk failures, after xx tries". Trust me the domains did not exists.

After much troubleshooting, I realised that it might be my VMware workstations 6 giving the problem. It may be related to SID, I suspected. But I never got a chance to test it out. I get the problem resolved by joining all my 6 2003 Server VMs to the root domain as DCs using dcpromo. Then demote all the DCs from the root domain using dcpromo. Thereafter, all 2003 Servers will be automatically configured as 2003 member server. Disjoin the 2003 member servers from the root domain. Rebooted, and join to the Root Domain as Child domains using dcpromo, it Works!

I used back the same child domain name that gives me the error messages. It Works! Have downloaded a program to change SID. Will try and use it next time. The best part of this troubleshooting is that it only affects the Child Domain creation. Why????? Never mind, after this I will move to 2008... Don't have to know why in 2003... oh, by the way, I think I should use sysprep for all 2003 servers, which I didn't.

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