Saturday, 19 April 2008

Passed 70-649! Upgrading Your MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, Technology Specialist

Failed my 70-649 on 11 April - 4 days after my 70-296. Just to try my luck as I think I manage to know most of the answer base on the damp given by my engineer.
70-642: 700
70-643: 760
70-640: 350 (This one failed badly)

This exam is not simple, questions asked are very wide. Search the entire Internet for study guide but found none. No choice but to fall back to my usual way, setup Windows 2008 and try. After one weekend of labs and study with whatever material that I could find on the Net, I realised that this is a painful torture as I am hitting all over the shop and decided to end my mental pain; go for my second try on 19 April 2008(Today).

Passed! with the following score,
70-642: 850
70-643: 850
70-640: 760

I managed to see two to three repeated questions from my previous paper. The rest are new! I have tried a dump of 186 questions before the exam but none came out. Lucky I that my 2003 is still flesh and the labs that I done did help.

Ok. Back to the exam format and questions.
Total Questions: 49
Total Time: about 240 mins (I think)

The exam is divided into 3 Sections. 90 mins for 640 with 20 questions, follow by 90 mins for 642 with 20 questions, follow by 60 mins for 643 with 9 questions.

When you finish 640, you are allow to review the 20 questions. Once you are done with your review, click "end review" and you will be into your start of your second paper which is 642, the timer will be reset to 90 mins again for your next 20 questions. Once your click your "End Review" in 642, your will start your 643 with 9 questions. Both of my 70-649 exam was organised as such. Please note that if you completed any of your section earlier than the given time, the remaining time will not add to your next section. Your next section time will always reset back to the default.

Questions on 640
1) IPSec, L2TP, Wireless with smart card, HTTPS, SSL protocol and applications, but not in-depth. Just need to know when to use which.
2) Know Network Access Policy (NAP) and how it works with GPO, Wireless, IPSec, Radius, ISA is a must! Many questions on this.
3) Know Windows Network Capture usage and filter inside out!!
4) Know RDP ports and security.

Questions on 642
1) Know Terminal Services in 2008 inside out! Ranging from Licensing, Shadow Sessions take-over, Broker, Publishing and Session killing. Know mix environment of 2003 and 2008 Terminal Services.
2) Know some Web Server troublshooting and users rights configuration.
3) Must know CA services inside out!
4) Must know restoration of Web Services and CA services.
5) Must know Window Card Space!!

Qustions of 643
1) Know Read Only Domain Controller (RODC) inside out!!

Good luck for those doing your 70-649 in the future!

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